Special thanks to Modern Arm Resources for the data


Lower Receiver

Lower Receiver: FN or Colt M16A2/A4 or Armalite semi auto US S/N prefix

(note, interestingly armorers removed the auto sears from these before deploying them, limiting them to semi auto only.)
Stocks: Standard A2
Grip: Standard A2
Trigger: Knight’s Armament 2-Stage
Trigger Guard: GI
Rear Sling Mount: A2 buttstock adapter or standard sling loop

Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver: FN M16A4 (no feed ramps)
Barrel: Douglas stainless steel 1:8” twist heavy barrel with 12 deep cut flutes behind the gas block, 4 flats milled for set screws on the front, painted black with high temp krylon/rustoleum 
Gas Block: National Match style M16A4 FSP (F marked) installed with 4 set screws.
Muzzle Device: Standard A2 flash hider
Hand Guard: Daniel Defense M4 12.0 free float hand guard
Bolt Carrier Group: GI, Colt or FN, or other
Charging Handle: Standard GI
Rear Sight: MaTech
Front Sight: NM front sight post
Optic: Trijicon ACOG - TA31, TA01, TA01NSN, etc (early, sub 100k S/N, adjustment caps have straight knurling)
Light: Seen with various, Surefire M951, etc.
Laser: Seen with PEQ-2’s
Suppressor: None
Front Sling Mount: GG&G dovetail Sling Thing
Foregrips: Knights Armament

Bipod: Harris S-L on ARMS #32 adapter