Special thanks to Modern Arm Resources for the data


Lower Receiver

Lower Receiver: Approx. 100 made, all FN M16A2 
Stocks: Standard A2
Grip: Standard A2
Trigger: Knight’s Armament 2-Stage
Trigger Guard: GI

Magazine Release: Norgon Ambi-catch

Rear Sling Mount: Standard sling loop

Sling: M1907 leather sling

Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver: Colt M4, AF forged mark
Barrel: Krieger SS 1:7” twist heavy barrel, machined by Compass Lake Engineering
Gas Block: 3 variations:

- Early: ~10 PWS made picatinny gas block with KAC 99051 front sight  

- Middle: ~20 Type 1 KAC folding front sight gas block

- Late: KAC type 2 folding front sight gas block.
Muzzle Device: Standard A2 flash hider, rarely KAC NT4
Hand Guard: KAC FF RAS Long 99167

Bolt Carrier Group: Colt/FN
Charging Handle: PRI Gas Buster Military Latch
Rear Sight: KAC 98474 folding 200-600m
Front Sight: KAC FSGB Gen 1 or Gen 2, rarely KAC 99051
Optic: Leupold TS-30 A2 3-9x36mm 

Scope Mount: ARMS #22H non-lever stop scope rings
Light: None
Laser: Seen with PEQ-2’s
Suppressor: Rarely seen with KAC QDSS
Front Sling Mount: KAC 98720 with QD sling swivel

Foregrips: None

Bipod: Harris S-BRM with KMW Pod-Loc mounted directly to the KAC rail using a sling stud adapter