Mk12 Mod 0


Lower Receiver

Lower Receiver: Colt/Hydramatic A1 Profile Lower
Stocks: Colt A1, Colt A2, Colt CAR, LMT Sopmod
Grip: Standard A1, A2, Ergo
Trigger: Knights Armament 2 Stage, Geissele SSA/SSA-E
Trigger Guard: GI

Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver: Colt AF/Keyhole, Armalite
Barrel: Douglas 18” 1/7 Twist Stainless Steel w/ Ops Inc Profile
Gas Block: Precision Reflex Folding Front Sight Gas Block
Muzzle Device: Ops Inc/Allen Engineering Muzzle Brake w/ Long Collar
Hand Guard: Precision Reflex Carbon Fiber Rifle Length Forearm Black, ARMS #38 SPR Top Rail
Bolt Carrier Group: Colt
Charging Handle: PRI Gas Buster Military Latch
Rear Sight: ARMS #40 (Not the 40L)
Front Sight: Precision Reflex Folding Front Sight Gas Block
Optic: Leupold Mk4 3.5-10x40 Illuminated
Scope Mount: ARMS #22m Non-Leverstop Scope Rings
Laser: Peq2a
Suppressor: Ops Inc 12th/Allen Engineering AEM5 w/ Knurling
Bipod: Harris Engineering BRM-S w/ ARMS #32 Bipod Mount and KWM Pod-Loc