Lower Receiver

Lower Receiver: Sig Prototype MCX Lower Receiver (Legacy MCX Lower is the closest match)
Stocks: Sig Thin Folding Stock (AKA “Kate Moss” stock), Sig Folding/Telescopic Stock
Grip: Sig MCX Gen 1 Pistol Grip
Trigger: Sig MCX Gen 1 Trigger
Trigger Guard: N/A

Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver: Sig Prototype MCX Upper Receiver (Legacy MCX Upper is the closest match)
Barrel: Sig 6.75’’ 300BLK Barrel/Piston Assembly
Gas Block: N/A
Muzzle Device: N/A
Handguard: LVAW Proprietary Handguard (ALTRD EGO Replica is the closest available product)
BCG: Gen 1 MCX BCG/Recoil Spring Assembly
Charging Handle: Sig Ambidextrous MPX/MCX Charging Handle (Short Levers)
Rear Sight: Sig Sauer Folding Rear, KAC 600m Micro Rear
Front Sight: Sig Sauer Folding Front, KAC Micro Front
Optic: Aimpoint Micro T1/T2, EoTech XPS3-0, Sig Sauer Romeo 4T, Eotech G33 Magnifier, Wilcox BOSS-E
Optic Mount: Aimpoint LRP Mount, Larue LT751, Larue LT660, Sig Sauer Romeo 4T, Wilcox Riser (.410’’ or 5/8’’, FDE or Black), Wilcox G33 Flip Mount
Light: Surefire Scout (Various Models), Sig Scout Mount/RailScales Mil Exclusive Light Mount
Laser: LA-5, NGAL
Suppressor: Sig MIL-SRD762-16, Sig MIL-SRD762-Ti, Sig MIL-SRD762-Ti-10
Magazine: Okay Ind. Gen 1 Surefeed 30rd, Black Finish w/300BLK Laser Engraving, Magpul 40Rd PMAG w/TTI Extension