CQBR Block I


Lower Receiver

Lower Receiver: Colt A2 profile Lower w/ UID Label
Stocks: LMT Sopmod Gen 1/2, Colt CAR, Colt Waffle (Various Others)
Grip: Standard A2, Ergo (Various Others)
Trigger: Colt, Geissele SSA/SSA-E
Trigger Guard: GI
Rear Sling Mount: CQD

Upper Receiver

Upper Receiver: Colt AF/Keyhole/Square
Barrel: Colt 10.3” FSP w/ 0.070 gas port
Gas Block: Colt FSP
Muzzle Device: Knights Armament NT4 Flash Hider, BE Meyers 249F Flash Hider
Hand Guard: Knights Armament RAS
Bolt Carrier Group: Colt
Charging Handle: Standard GI, PRI Gas Buster Military Latch
Rear Sight: Lewis Machine and Tool Fixed Rear Sight, Matech, Knights Armament
Front Sight: Colt FSP
Optic: Aimpoint CompM2 w/ Wilcox Aimpoint Mount, Eotech 553/SU-231, Eotech EXPS3-0/SU-231a, Elcan SpecterDR 1-4/SU-230 FDE w/ L3 MRDS/Docter, Eotech G33 Anodized
Light: Surefire m951 “Fat Body”, Surefire M-Series (Various), Insight M3X FDE, Insight WMX200 Bronze Rotational/Fixed
Laser: Peq2a, Peq15/Atpial C, LA5, Peq16a/b
Suppressor: Knights NT4 Taupe/Black
Front Sling Mount: CQD
Foregrips: Knights Armament, Tango Down Fullsize, GripPod, (Various Others)